Hytera, an Entrusted Partner Elevating Global Critical Communication Networks


Technology underpins the successful running of all kinds of mega events. Audiences these days are constantly amazed by the top-notch technologies adopted by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games. Among them, the professional mobile radios (PMR), which support critical communications of the world-class event, have earned wide attention from the public.

As one of the key communication solution suppliers of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Hytera provided a certain amount of TETRA devices, PMR-LTE convergent solutions and command & control systems to the security officers and rescue teams during the races. Hytera’s communication technologies also played a major role in the execution of COVID-19 prevention in the Olympic Village.

In fact, besides the global mega sport events, Hytera’s products and solutions are also chosen by industry clients across public safety, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas as well as the retail and hospitality industries.

Innovation is in Hytera’s DNA

With continuous investment in technology innovation, Hytera is committed to promoting open communication standards from narrowband to broadband, including TETRA, DMR, PDT and LTE with independent intellectual property rights, which makes it a leading provider of professional communication solutions.

Hytera recently added the H Series to its DMR product portfolios. The new series is built from the ground up on an entirely new technology platform. It is the first of its kind in the industry when it comes to functionality, user experience, and ruggedness, providing efficient and reliable communications to users in security, education industry and customer service roles as well as those working in severe working conditions.

Global Recognition and Partnership Achieved by Hytera

To meet the growing needs of business and critical communication users, Hytera innovatively developed a variety of products and technology solutions. Among them, there are DMR terminals, TETRA terminals, PoC Radios, multimode advanced radios, body worn cameras, command & dispatch and emergency response software that have contributed to the success of users working in the vertical industries, such as public safety, energy, transportation, utility, commercial and operator markets. With audio, visual and data capabilities, Hytera has provided faster, safer, and more versatile connectivity options.

Hytera has showcased its technological strength and achieved global recognition and partnerships. The International Critical Communications Awards (ICAA) awarded Hytera the “Best New LTE or Hybrid Device” for its LTE & TETRA convergent device PTC760, as well as the “Best Use of Critical Communications in Utilities” in recognition of its Hytalk PoC solution for Turkey Electricity Company.

Global partnerships have also validated Hytera’s competence. Hytera played a role in the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup with its local partners. Hytera also worked with the security department in Tajikistan during the SCO Summit 2021.

Supporting Communities under Global Challenges

While succeeding in landing international business partnerships, Hytera has also contributed its capacities to tackle global challenges.

To deal with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hytera has actively contributed its capabilities to improve disease prevention. Hytera’s two way radios and pandemic prevention solutions provided fast and reliable non-contact communication to the workers from hospitals, enterprises and security departments around the world to fight against the virus.

As a key player in the critical communications industry, Hytera, empowered by top-performing technologies, will continue to support industrial users, and ensure safer and stronger communication networks worldwide.

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