Hytera actively participates in the fight against COVID-19


As of April 9, 2020, more than 1.5 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 worldwide, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). At this critical moment, Hytera, as a global leading provider of professional and private wireless communication network, has taken immediate action to provide diversified products in donations and service support to the countries and regions facing serious outbreaks of COVID-19. In addition, the company has also quickly tasked its smart production factory to switch over to mask production. A total of 1 million masks and plenty of radios have already been donated by Hytera and its subsidiaries to the United States, Croatia, Spain, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Russia, South Africa and other countries.

To support emergency response efforts to COVID-19, Hytera has donated DMR radios to Chevra Hatzalah to help protect their volunteers in New York City, the national epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hatzalah is the largest volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization in the world, with operations in 16 countries serving mostly Jewish communities.

Hatzalah, the largest volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization in the world

One of the core values of professional and private wireless communications is to provide critical communications and command and dispatch support to governments and first response agencies to help ensure public safety during critical situations. 

Yeungnam University Medical Center in South Korea

Limpopo City Hall in South Africa

Globally, Hytera's business solutions have been deployed throughout more than 120 countries and regions, and are used in private communications for public safety, transportation, emergency rescue and operator services to fight against COVID-19. At present, many hospitals and police authorities in Spain, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Korea are fighting the outbreak with the support of Hytera's communications solutions. In Abu Dhabi, a curfew was imposed as part of prevention efforts during the epidemic. The police used Hytera's multi-mode advanced radios to help control the movement of people in public areas.

Red Cross Zagreb in Croatia

Health care department in Jeju City Hall, South Korea

Saudi Arabia Police

Hytera is empowering people to manage and resolve the chaos created by the COVID-19 outbreak, and providing protection to prevent cross-infections among customs officers conducting border inspections, government officials discussing anti-epidemic programs and carrying out supervision, police monitoring checkpoints during the outbreak, rescue agencies deploying epidemic prevention materials and medical staff confronting the disease on the frontlines. 

Laos Medical Assistance Team

Myanmar Ministry of Home Affairs

Cambodia General Department of Immigration

As a manufacturing company with world-class intelligent production capabilities, since February 10, Hytera has rapidly leveraged its advantages in intelligent production and supply chain integration to establish three production lines for mask production.

Beyond the efforts highlighted above, Hytera has also been developing its Pandemic Prevention Solution which focuses on supporting customs border inspections, hospital management and enterprise inspections and will go to the market in April.

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