Hytera radios ensure retail click and collect operations are fast, safe and efficient


Radios are particularly useful in the current COVID-19 lockdown situation where many retail outlets can only offer a click and collect service. Retail stores that are still open to customers may also offer click and collect as an additional service for convenience and safety reasons. Customer orders can be quickly sent to, or over, the radios to pick and pack staff. Radios then enable customer-facing staff to quickly call colleagues to bring goods to the click and collect point. This ensures an efficient operation and minimises customer dwell times.

Hytera has a wide range of two-way radios and Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices to suit any retail outlet from single unit stores to major multi-story shopping centres and malls. Small stores can deploy Hytera license-free radios, while bigger stores may want a licensed Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) solution with one or more repeaters to ensure adequate coverage and capacity. Alternatively, Hytera PoC devices operating over public commercial mobile phone networks can be used.

Hytera radios support individual, group and emergency calling and also offer emergency button, Man Down and Lone Worker alarms to enhance safety, particularly for lone workers and security guards. Security and safety can be further enhanced by issuing staff with Hytera body worn cameras, which provide a visual and audio record of any incident and which may also help deter aggressive and abusive behaviour, as well as aiding the enforcement of social distancing rules.

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