Los Reyes Police Push-to-talk with Peace of Mind


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Los Reyes, a major city in the State of Michoacán, Mexico, is the home for more than 70,000 residents. Its mountainous location and proper weather make the city well known for the orchids of avocados and blackberries. The hills and ravines surrounding the city are scenic spots and, at the same time, a challenge for local public safety and civil protection departments, since their aged communications systems couldn't cover those areas. Law enforcers in those areas were working without reliable connectivity with the municipal center, which means they were left unprotected. The Municipality, aware of this reality, decided to modernize of its communications infrastructure as part of a comprehensive strategy to strengthen its public safety.

The Municipality's first challenge was to find a solution that could offer public safety grade communications and unify different departments into one platform for better synergy. A reporting and identification capacity of the units was required for efficient operations in the territory.  It would allow the agents to be linked with the mobile units both in urban areas and in the hills and ravines that surround Los Reyes.

With full understanding of the needs of the city, RG Telecomunicaciones, a Hytera local partner, proposed a migration solution from analog to digital radio system adapted to the specific conditions of the city in terms of transmission security, coverage, and budget. Its technical expertise and project experience ensured smooth deployment of the new digital system for the municipality.

"The patrols, the communication equipment, as well as the weapons of the police play a very vital role in the day-to-day work, as they are essential f tools for public safety personnel to provide a quality service and respond promptly to emergency calls from citizens," said Fidel Mendoza, Public Security Advisor for Los Reyes.  "I encourage those municipalities that want to make the transition from analog to digital radio equipment to accelerate the process."

Today, Los Reyes has clear and secure communications and superior coverage to efficiently connect the police, emergency medical, and firefighting departments. Response time has been shortened. They work while being connected; they protect the community while being protected.

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