Discontinuation Notice of Certain Legacy Radios of DMR Protocol


As a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, Hytera keeps investing in innovative R&D and releasing new products to ensure customer value and competitiveness in the market.

In order to minimize the instability of supply caused by the discontinuation and replacement of old electronic components, as well as to better meet the global market's higher requirements for product features and performance, Hytera has decided to discontinue some legacy radio models of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) protocol. 

  • In principle, Hytera and its subsidiaries will stop shipping designated legacy models of DMR radios by March 31, 2024. Please refer to the attached list for specific discontinued models.
  • Discontinued radios shipped by March 31, 2024, retain standard after-sales maintenance services.

Hytera has launched the H Series, a new generation of DMR radios, which are widely recognized by users globally. Hytera will keep the excellence of responding to customers’ evolving requirements and continuously introduce new products to provide faster, safer, and more versatile connectivity for business and mission critical users.

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