Thailand Authority Gains Nationwide Critical Communications with Hytera TETRA Solution


The modernized TETRA communications network strengthens public safety and inter-agency operations for DOPA.

Bangkok, Thailand - July 19, 2023 – Hytera Communications (SZSE: 002583), a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, has successfully delivered a nationwide TETRA network for Thailand's Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA). The solution aims to enhance governance and public safety across the country. TETRA DIB-R5 outdoor base stations, MT680 Plus mobile radios, and PT580H Plus portable radios, along with network management systems, digital voice recording systems, and a unified communication and dispatch platform were deployed to ensure a complete overhaul of the legacy analog system and interoperability with the fixed telephony and mobile cellular networks.
DOPA’s legacy analog trunked system was beginning to show signs of age, with regular breakdowns and limited coverage. Transitioning to the new TETRA radio system, then, presented a significant challenge for DOPA as it required wide compatibility and interoperability across the existing infrastructure.

The department aimed to extend the network coverage by connecting the TETRA system with existing analog networks, enabling more efficient inter-agency operations and better coordination between central and regional departments. 

Hytera's innovative solution addressed this challenge by incorporating over 20 sets of analog gateways, which facilitated the interconnection between the TETRA system and the analog networks operating in different cities of Thailand.

Overall, the new system provided by Hytera ensures wider signal coverage, better audio quality, and increased capacity for both voice and data transmission. It allows for seamless communication and coordination between central and regional departments, enhancing inter-agency operations and promoting better collaboration.

The system optimizes operational effectiveness for DOPA, allowing the department to respond more quickly to incidents and emergencies, as well as address the day-to-day needs of citizens, including those in remote regions. The dispatching capabilities have been enhanced, allowing for more efficient resource allocation and cross-organization coordination. Facilitating post-operation reviews and training also becomes streamlined with the ability to utilize voice and data recording.

Ms. Lynn Lin, Sales Director of Hytera Southeast Asia, commented on the success of the solution, "We are honored to have supported DOPA in this crucial expansion. The new TETRA-based system will empower the government staff and enhance safety by providing reliable and efficient communication capabilities across the nation.”

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