5GC5800 Lite 5GC


5G-LTE | Core Network

Based on the virtualization platform and micro-service architecture, the 5G core network-related functional modules are decoupled and defined into several Network Function modules, including PCF, UDM, AUSF, AMF, SMF, NSSF, NRF, NEF, and UPF, etc.

Highlights of 5GC5800

Micro-service architecture

Micro-service architecture, which can be scaled up and down on-demand, load balancing, and flexible network.

Service-based bus architecture

Service-based bus architecture, independent upgrade of functions, more stable core network business.

Stateless design

Separating compute and storage and lossless dynamic migration.

Slice arrangement

Through slice arrangement, cut different slices for different users.

Specifications of 5GC5800

Max. number of Subscriber 100000
Max. number of Session 200000
Control Plane Delay 1ms
Max. number of Session 200000
Max. number of Online Users 100000
Max. number of Session 200000
Max. number of Policy Per Network 1000
Max. CAPS 200
Max. number of Slicing Pieces 256
Max. number of NF Entity 1024
Max. number of Subscription 1024
Max. number of Session 200000
Max. Throughput >10Gbps
User Plane Delay Uplink <0.4ms, Downlink <0.4ms
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