Integrated Base station

The integrated base station (iBS) is an outdoor station for use in the wireless broadband trunking communications system. The iBS3800 combines the functions of base band unit (BBU), remote radio unit (RRU), and core network into one unit, providing users with highly integrated, easy-to-use system-level communication capabilities.

Highlights of iBS3800

High Integration

Integrate the functions of the macro base station and the core network. One IBS3800 alone can be easily and quickly deployed as a single LTE communication system.

High Data Rate

The iBS3800 supports multi-channel real-time HD video transmission at the same time. For 20 MHz bandwidth configuration, it can achieve a downlink rate of 150 Mbps, and an uplink rate of 75 Mbps.

High Reliability

The iBS3800 features a sophisticated software reliability design with fault isolation, data rollback, and faulty monitoring.

Flexible Deployment

Supports 1.4 MHz/3 MHz/5 MHz/10 MHz/15 MHz/20 MHz bandwidth configuration and multiple frequencies. Supports various network scales, including small, medium, and large networks, allowing customers to flexibly expand their system capacity as per needs. Supports intercommunication between devices to guarantee flexible system deployment.

Outstanding Protection

iBS adopts a fanless cooling design with excellent heat dissipation. IP66 and Anti-Seismic Grade 9 enable iBS to be deployed in harsh outdoor environments.

Specifications of iBS3800

Frequency TDD UL: 1447MHz~1467MHz DL: 1447MHz~1467MHz UL: 1785MHz~1805MHz DL: 1785MHz~1805MHz FDD UL: 791 MHz to 821MHz DL: 832 MHz to 862MHz UL: 703 MHz to 748MHz DL: 758 MHz to 803MHz UL: 452.5 MHz to 457.5MHz DL: 462.5 MHz to 467.5MHz
Antenna Configuration 2T2R
Bandwidth TDD: 20 MHz; FDD: 20/20/5MHz
Dimensions TDD: 435 mm x 340 mm x 151 mm; FDD: 450 mm x 350 mm x157.5 mm
Weight TDD: 23 kg; FDD: 26.5 kg
Power Supply –48 V DC (–38.4 V to –60 V DC)
Typical Power Consumption ≤ 400 W
Operating Temperature – 40°C to +55°C, can start at –40°C
Max Output Power FDD: 2 x 20 W; TDD: 2 x 40 W
RX Sensitivity –105 dBm (5 MHz)
Storage Temperature –40°C to +85°C
Relative Humidity 5% to 100% RH
Working Pressure 70 KPa to 106 KPa
Shock Resistance ETSI 300019-1-2 Class 2.3, NEBS GR-63-Core Zone 4, YD_5083-2005 (seismic fortification intensity: IX)
Protection Rating IP66
MTBF ≥ 250,000 hours
MTTR 0.5 hour
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