Major Event Security System

MES System

Smart, efficient, and powerful. You can count on the security guarantee and emergency response for major sports events, festival gatherings, summits, and disaster rescue. Unify your team with security scheme creation, security force dispatch, and video surveillance on a streamlined interface. After the security event finishes as expected, review and assess the event to add new capabilities in future.

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All Resources on One Map

Police force, police vehicles, and other police handheld devices; critical infrastructure, e.g. water/power/chemical facilities, schools, and resorts; dangerous spots, e.g. lowland, slope, rapid, and sewage; video surveillance camera; checkpoint; sensors for water, smoke, and infrared, etc; show or hide each resource layer on the map
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Comprehensive Data at a Glance on Homepage

Key people, e.g. people entering/leaving specific regions, or persons on probation/parole; incident; map; video surveillance of key areas in turn; police force deployment; weather, especially typhoon and storm.
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Map-based Security Post Deployment

Various functional posts, e.g. commander, patroller, traffic dispersion, and fire safety check; one click to place a post on any location of the map; select and drag to assign security force to posts.
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Advanced Route Security Planning

Draw a route by mouse on the map; set guide and tail vehicles; deploy security posts along the route; open surveillance cameras along the route; deviation warning test with simulated GPS data; surveillance camera test along the route.
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Flexible Dispatch During Event

Position check by GPS; notification or warning by message; roll call; click to message and call on the map; encircle resources on the map to perform DGNA.
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Multiple Measures for Safer Route

off notification, countdown and delay warning; fleet approach notification to posts; notification of surrounding resources such as cameras or checkpoints to the fleet; warning of approaching dangerous spots, such as lowland, slope, or flyover to the fleet; notification or warning by message; automatic playing of near cameras along the route of the guide vehicle.
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Scheme-based Organization Topology

Down organizations from schemes, tasks, posts, to individuals.
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Maximize the Power of All Videos

Click playing; flexible layout of video panes; group cameras to facilitate operation
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2.5D and 3D Map Integration

Making and accurate dispatch to better protect people.
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