Multimedia Unified Communication


Boost communication efficiency, enhance cooperation ability, and maximize dispatch performance. Deliver extensive audio, message, video, and location services. You can not only hear from first responders, but also can see them via video services as if face-to-face and locate them on the map. Visibility of the first responders and on-site situations significantly strengthens every dispatch work.


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Video Dispatch

Video private call and group call; video pull, video push, and video transfer.
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Video Surveillance

Interworks with video surveillance platforms to play video via the platform in real time; interworks with IP cameras to directly play video in real time; perform pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) operations on PTZ cameras.
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Multimedia Message

Exchange multimedia messages including audio, images, videos, and files with contacts.
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Video Conference

Video conference to enable members to communicate with each other as if you were face-to-face.
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Map-based Dispatch

Directly make a video call and play camera video on the map.
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