DIB-R5 Compact TETRA Base Station

DIB-R5 Compact

Repeaters Systems | TETRA | GPS

The DIB-R5 compact is a flexibly configurable, lightweight, and compact base station. It is suitable for small-capacity indoor deployment scenarios. This base station offers up to four TETRA carriers and consists of one to two racks depending on capacity requirement. With fully redundant design, it supports triple diversity reception, and TETRA-II standard, providing secure and reliable voice communication and high-speed data transmission in mission-critical communication.

Highlights of DIB-R5 Compact

Excellent RF Performance

Up to 50 W transmit power for wider coverage. Optimal triple diversity reception with highest sensitivity

Flexible Time Synchronization

Support GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BDS. Support the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) mode

Full Redundancy

Controller redundancy; Carrier redundancy; Redundant MCCH; Redundant power supply; Redundant connection to the transport network
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