What is TETRA?

TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio is a professional mobile communication system based on time-division multiple access (TDMA) technology. It is designed and developed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), to meet the requirements of professional departments in Europe for mobile communication, and it is a global standard for digital trunking radio. The TETRA standard was initially used in Europe but is now rapidly implemented in other parts of the world. The complete TETRA system serves mission-critical organizations and their users, can provide real-time and reliable communication, and is used in different industries such as public safety, transportation, utilities, oil & gas, and more.

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Benefits of TETRA Technology

TETRA system is a very flexible digital trunking standard that is trusted worldwide. It provides the benefits of digital radio while still keeping the advantages of a PMR system.

  • Versatile Services

    Versatile Services

    It can provide command and dispatch, data transmission, and voice services on the same technical platform. In addition to multi-group dispatch functions, it also provides short data services (SDS), packet data services, and digital full-duplex voice calls services.

  • Reliable


    Built to adapt to the toughest of environments, the voice call can be quickly established and the delay is short. In case of network disconnection, the mobile /portable device is still available,and it can switch to "Direct Mode" to directly share the channel (walkie-talkie mode).

  • Extended Coverage

    Extended Coverage

    Compared to GSM, TETRA technology uses much lower frequencies and provides a longer range.

  • Interoperable


    TETRA is an open standard and its IOP test enables interoperability across vendors.

  • Compatible


    Offers all modes of one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many communication compared to analog radios that can transmit data on the same network.

  • Secure and Resilient

    Secure and Resilient

    Supporting TETRA encryption (E2EE and AIE), authentication, air interface encryption, and end-to-end encryption.

TETRA Solutions for Industries

Based on the effectiveness, reliability, and security of TETRA technology, TETRA networks have been deployed in many critical industries and have become a main means of communication.
Public Safety

Public Safety

It is used in scenarios of daily operations, major events security, emergency management, and others.

  • Providing mission-critical voice services, and digital data services such as GPS, short data services, and voice recording to safeguard daily operations.
  • On-site fast deployment, visual dispatching functions such as real-time positioning, and remote monitoring to establish a comprehensive and efficient communication system.
  • The network can be deployed flexibly to establish the temporary network in areas without signal enabled to smooth communication in emergencies.


  • Exchanging voice and data information stably and efficiently, the basic service of priority assignment and emergency calls provides seamless communication to ensure coordination between teams.
  • The interconnection between lines, the command and dispatch of the operation network, and the rapid deployment of the emergency network deliver much more efficient daily operation.
  • Rich functions such as automatic positioning of vehicles and effective video transmission ensure reliable communication and improve transportation safety and efficiency.
Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

  • Providing voice and data transmission, daily inspection, unified dispatch, work orders, data management, and remote equipment monitoring, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Reliable and real-time network coverage, integrated communication, global positioning, etc., keep in touch with the command center anywhere and react immediately to actions and orders.
  • Guarantee the entire industry chain of oil & gas, such as exploration, production, transportation, refining, storage, and trading, with high safety and high reliability.


  • Individual calling, group calling, short message, dynamic group number assignment, emergency voice calling, and other services to guarantee various events such as sports events.
  • It can carry out unified staff management, security management, operation and maintenance, command and dispatch, empowering robust communications.

Hytera TETRA Radio and TETRA System

Hytera, one of the leading providers of TETRA radios in the world, knows what it takes to ensure safety. Based on TETRA product development and project experience, as well as an understanding of different industries, our different products and solutions have been launched with the end-user in mind, to solve customers' communication needs, from the Netherlands Police Network to Shenzhen Metro and the Ministry of Railways of Kazakhstan. With years of experience in the TETRA communication industry, Hytera is trusted around the world and provides customers with the best communication equipment and services.

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