Hytera comes up with a series of HyTalk Solution to accommodate different industry end users with different requirements. Customers could select the right package or combination according to their application scenarios, user scale and budget to build the PTToC system that suits them best.

HyTalk Lite Package for Channel Promotion

The package is applicable for small business customers who have PoC communication services requirements and prefer to have private PTT system instead of using OPEX (Operating Expense) PoC service. User quantity is not big, and voice service is main service type. The target commercial market includes: hotel, factory, supermarket, shopping mall, school, logistics & delivery, etc.

HyTalk Pro Package for Channel Promotion

Customers from legacy PMR market, e.g. public utility, transport, public safety, energy industry, commercial market customers, etc., who need: 1) PTT with multimedia service capabilities. 2) Wide service coverage without network infrastructure investment. 3) No radio frequency regulator application struggles. 4) One terminal for both business App & PTT service.

HyTalk Customized Solution

The solution is flexible to accommodate actual requirements of every user or every project. It is suitable for all types of users, including MVNO, vertical industries and commercial use. It is also capable of providing OTT-PTT & MC-PTT solution according to user’s real situation. In case user has a PMR system running, it also offers convergence-native solution to help customers upgrade to broadband smoothly. Moreover, the solution is able to connect to other common systems, like PSTN, CCTV, and more systems.

HyTalk as A Service

The solution is designed for PoC service operators to deploy the HyTalk platform, and provides the PoC service to industrial users. Besides the versatile service functions & features, it also provides professional service operation & management functions, easy for operators to run the business and manage the distributors.

Core Value

Easy & fast deployment / Good privacy & low OPEX

Provide multimedia service capability to enrich the communication approach

Provide dedicated PoC or MCS service for industrial users with full-service capabilities

Best choice for SME users with privacy requirment

Native narrowband and broadband convergence and high resillience for critical voice service

Avoid spectrum expense with no restraint of service coverage

Support various industry featured capabilities applied in public safety, railway and other industries

Self-contained SOP (Service Operation Platform) system facilitates business operation and dealer management

Employ microservice architecture and support high user capacity and high service concurrency with HA (High Available)

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