What is a Mobile Radio

Mobile radios refer to wireless communication systems and devices that are based on radio frequencies (usually using UHF or VHF frequencies), and where the path of communications is movable on either end. In a broad sense, mobile radios include handheld two-way radios and vehicle-mounted ones, yet specifically, it refers to the transmitter-receivers that are installed on and powered by motor vehicles, and usually feature the control panel or speaker microphone within the driver’s reach, for vehicle radio communication in transportation, production dispatching, security command, and other businesses. The power may vary by platform from normally 5-50W. Mobile radio is a conventional communication tool that can be used to communicate with other people. Even in places without a signal, vehicles with mobile radios can still keep in touch with each other.

The Use of Mobile Radios

Communicate and Command Tool

When two or more vehicles go out or work on the same project together, it is very important to command during the journey. Picks up the microphone and presses the PTT button to speak, other vehicles can receive voice information through mobile radio.

Traffic Dispatching

Many vehicles need to complete the assigned tasks according to unified requirements, such as taxis, ambulances, etc. The dispatch center sets up a base station with high power and efficiency, which can dispatch all vehicles with mobile radio within the communication range.

Outdoor Adventure

In harsh environments, it is easy for vehicles to get lost. If the distance between the vehicles is too large and cannot see each other. By providing accurate positioning using the mobile radio, the relative position of the vehicle can be determined.

The Benefits of Mobile Radios

With advanced technology, Hytera mobile radios offer greater flexibility and scalability to adapt to different environments, keeping your people connected, everywhere they are. Clear audio, high sensitivity, and excellent quality ensure efficient communication.

More Flexible

Combined with flexible control heads and accessories, it can be installed in various environments to meet different usage requirements.

Long-range Communication

By increasing the reception sensitivity in weak signal areas, the communication coverage is extended, and it can help users communicate better with others.

Clear Audio

With noise reduction technology, the human voice is extracted from the noise, reducing the howling and exhaling sounds at close range. Voice can be clearly broadcasted even in very noisy environments to ensure accurate reception of key information.

Robust Design

Compact and lightweight, it fits perfectly into the limited space of different type of vehicle, with a robust design, provides a reliable and stable connection in any operating scenario.

Mobile Radio Video

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    Hytera Image

    HM78X DMR Professional Mobile Radio


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    Hytera Image

    MT680 Plus TETRA Professional Mobile Radio


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