Sepura TETRA Mobile Radio


Sepura TETRA Mobile Radio

With a class-leading 10 Watts of RF power, and the most proven gateway and repeater technology on the market, the SRG3900 TETRA mobile extends communication into areas otherwise beyond network coverage.
An 8W audio drive provides loud, clear audio and - uniquely - the integral GPS module tracks both GPS satellites and the Glonass satellite network, working with the latest SBAS differential GPS support and CW anti-jamming technology to provide a greater degree of accuracy and security.
With multiple console and install options, the SRG3900 provides a flexible yet reliable mobile radio for providing coverage on the move.



Extended CoverageWith a 10W RF TETRA engine – one of the most powerful and sensitive of any mobile radio – the SRG3900 extends communication, both on and off-network, into areas where it simply was not possible before.
Multiple installation optionsThe SRG3900 offers multiple installation options, allowing the SRG to be tailored to match the needs of the user in a variety of vehicles and scenarios.
Widest range of consoles on the marketEach of our consoles is designed to address specific user,operational and environmental needs, allowing the user to precisely tailor the SRG3900 to their requirements.
Intuitive interfaceIntuitive interface offers three presentation styles – grid,list and compatibility mode – making the SRG3900 easy to use for both seasoned users and new users familiar with smartphones, helping to minimise training costs.
Sepura Picture MessageSecurely transmits images and associated text to the radio, permitting simultaneous distribution to multiple user groups via SDS. This allows the rapid dissemination of data,such as missing person information.
GPS and Glonass satellite tracking Along with SBAS differential GPS support and CW anti-jamming technology – provides a greater degree of accuracy and security.
Frequency Band

344-400MHz 407-473MHz

380-430MHz 806-870MHz

Dustproof & WaterproofIP54; IEC60529
LCD Display Screen

High resolution 320 x 240 pixels QVGA TFT display

Large 57.6mm x 43.2mm active area

Voltage10.8-15.6 DC  (Typical 13.8 DC)
RF Power Output10W
Audio Power Output8W


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