التركيز على قنوات الشبكة الخاصة، المخصصة لضمان الخدمات الرئيسية

PMR-IoT من هيتيرا على ضمان تطبيق الخدمات الحيوية. كما يركز أيضًا على مسارات الإرسال والحل، ومتوافق مع العديد من الشبكات العامة، ويستخدم خوارزميات وبروتوكولات الاتصالات اللاسلكية لإنشاء قنوات موثوقة للغاية وآمنة وذات تأخير أقل استنادًا إلى الشبكات الخاصة PDT وDMR وTETRA وLTE. ويمكن لهذه القنوات أن تستشعر إرسال البيانات من جهة الاتصال الفعلية إلى نهاية مركز البيانات. ثم يتوغل مركز البيانات وينقي قيمة البيانات من خلال سلسلة خوارزميات البيانات الكبيرة لتزويد العملاء بمجموعة كاملة من البيانات القائمة على الخدمات الذكية المتكاملة..

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Smart fire protection

fire scene monitoring, fire-fighting facility supervision, remote fire alarm, and 24-hour real-time monitoring of fire protection water system

Irregular parking detection

no-parking road management, monitoring strategy management, traffic statistics and analysis, and intelligent information push

Smart municipality

over- and under-ground sensing, converged and unified platform, good scalability, and wide coverage

Smart prison

intelligent control platform, indoor positioning plus video linkage, police affairs information sharing, visual command and scheduling, intensive integration, and multiple subsystem convergence


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Hytera Advantages


The northbound link makes possible the converged application of multiple public and private networks, such as cluster/conventional PDT, cluster/conventional DMR, TETRA, WiFi, LAN and 4G. While accommodating and utilizing as much network resources as possible, PMR-IoT enables the public network and private network to back up each other to realize full coverage and interconnection.


PMR-IoT is able to do “both management and control”. With a perfect priority management system, it adjusts resource allocation in real time to reserve idle channels so as to prevent network congestion and ensure the time validity of important information.


Three-layer encryption, deployed in nodes, links, and end to end, ensures the safety of wireless transmission. Also, the encryption algorithm, approved by the State Password Administration Committee Office, of northbound authorization frequencies provide another guarantee for the safety of PMR-IoT.


In terms of time validity, reliability and stability, PMR-IoT can provide adaptive QoS based on the class of service to ensure reliable transmission of mission-critical services

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