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MSS Security Pty Ltd, Australia

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PD78X Portable Radio

MD78X Mobile Radio

RD98X Repeater

The Challenge

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    Radio communications have always played an important and in many instances a critical part in the role of MSS providing security services to its clients. MSS staff has used a variety of analog two way radios systems and they were well aware of the limitations of analog radio systems with poor and inconsistent radio communications at the fringes of coverage and issues with battery life.

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    After deploying a Hytera Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system at Governor Philip Tower in Sydney CBD, where previous issues with analog radios were proven to be overcome, MSS Management decided to deploy the same Hytera digital radios when they were awarded the security contract at the very high
    profile and Sydney's greenest office high-rise, No 1 Blight Street Sydney.

The Solution

The main requirement for radio communications for No.1 Blight St. Sydney was to provide clear and reliable communications throughout the unique building. A site radio coverage survey was undertaken for MSS by Combined Communications, the distributor of Hytera DMR radios in Australia,
and it was found that the vast majority of the building was covered by simplex, radio to radio coverage.
In order to meet the requirements of total coverage of the unique building and maintain the building esthetics, it was decided to place a Hytera DMR Repeater in the building basement area and run coaxial cable up to ground levels to provide complete radio coverage wherever MSS and their clients’
staff operated within the building and its surrounding precinct .

The Benefits

The The Hytera Digital Mobile Radio solution deployed at No.1 Blight Street, Sydney was simple and cost effective and provided MSS staff with reliable and crystal clear radio communications throughout the building.
The budget for the Hytera digital radio solution was very similar to that for an analog radio solution and the Hytera DMR system provided a number of unique benefits.
In comparison to previous analog radio systems, MSS staff using the new Hytera DMR system experienced no background noise on transmissions, extended battery life on hand held radios, standard digital encryption to secure radio transmission, the ability to make individual and group calls and they found the Hytera DMR hand held radios to be lightweight, tough and waterproof.

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