Unique Secure is a security firm in Copenhagen, Denmark, servicing customers within the premium brand industry. Apart from security and theft control in premium shops, Unique Secure also offers logistics control, facility and building services and administrative services.


Unique Secure, Denmark

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X1p Portable Radio

The Challenge

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    Security staff found it difficult to communicate and handle daily tasks, whilst maintaining a high level of service and security to their premium customers. Furthermore, management wanted to ensure their personal safety if they faced a threatening or emergency situation.

The Solution

Unique Secure chose Hytera X1P radios combined with Zonith's alarm handling and task allocation software, Hytera dealer in Demark, to handle work orders and dispatch alarms immediately to their radios if an alarm is raised. Each handheld radio can be located in an emergency via GPS when outdoors and via Bluetooth when indoors. Staff positions can be monitored both inside shops and outside on the streets, so security can quickly assist any staff member in distress situations.

Key Benifits

To Unique Secure, the key benefits of implementing the solution were:
• Panic alarms are immediately dispatched to security radios,
• Guards can be located both indoors and outdoors,
• Guards can communicate easily via the small X1P radio,
• Task allocation and acceptance achievable through integration with Hytera radios Work Order interface.

Improve Communication and Staff Safety

To further enhance their service offerings to their customers, Unique Secure has recently taken the latest radio and software technologies into use, transitioning from a traditional security services to a become full service company.

Alarm Handling & Task Allocation

Due to tough competition in the market, Unique Secure chose new technology to set themselves apart from the others. Zonith's Alarm Control System can:
• Dispatch personal panic alarms from and to handheld radios,
• Dispatch lone worker alarms if an 'alive check' message is not answered,
• Handle alarms from building management systems and CCTV,
• Integrate with Hytera's work orders, allowing tasks to be raised and forgotten about, as they can be accepted from the guard radios, and escalated to the next employee if rejected.

Indoor/Outdoor Positioning

Apart from having instant access to alarms and work orders, Unique Secure now has a much better system to protect the staff themselves. The radios are tracked using Zonith's Real Time Location System called RTLS which will use the radios Bluetooth when the guards are inside the shops and GPS when the guards are outdoors. To monitor the location of Bluetooth units inside the shop the RTLS uses small Bluetooth beacons. If an alarm is raised, all other staff members will receive instant information about the alarm and also the exact location of the staff in distress.

Pocket-Size Handheld Radio

Unique Secure had to decide which radio to choose to not only handle voice, alarming and positioning, but also fit into a suit pocket. Traditional radios were too bulky for this, but they found the solution in the small but powerful Hytera X1P digital radio, which can do it all.

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