Edenred is a French organisation that provides transactional solutions for businesses, employees and shopkeepers. With 43 million users, 750,000 businesses and 1.4m shopkeepers, Edenred has become a global leader.


 Edenred, France

Market Segment

 Business Service

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 Hytera Smartdispatch System
PD60X Portable Radio
PD68X Portable Radio

The Challenge

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    Its luncheon voucher scheme, launched in 1962, is one way Edenred helps businesses optimise spend, while helping improve employees' spending power.

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    The business was using analogue communications methods within their factory in Malakoff, just outside Paris. This implies that there was no encryption, no protection of communications. Edenred contacted authorised Hytera dealer, Sysoco, who recommended Hytera's SmartDispatch solution.

The Solution

SmartDispatch offers high levels of security and confidentiality. The application works with a digital mobile radio (DMR) network, and is an efficient solution for managing and optimisation communications between all employees.

SmartDispatch is made up of a range of software components which come together, entirely be spoke to the organisation depending on the number of radio users, the topology of the location and the coverage required. It allows:

· Management of all voice calls (private, general, group)

· Geo-location

· Simplified management of terminals

· (Hytera PD60X and PD68X used on-site)

· Voice recording

· Encrypted text messaging

· Real-time reporting

· Remote surveillance & alarms

The Results

Edenred have already witnessed much improved coverage and audio quality across the business, and are taking advantage of the advanced functionality available with SmartDispatch such as Lone Worker, GPS, text messaging, data, etc.

What's more, the system is entirely encrypted, ensuring that business-critical data remains secure at all times.

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