Riedel Bau Schweinfurt Germany is a leading construction company founded in 1899. Throughout Germany, Riedel Bau constructs with more than 300 employees building projects for commercial, industrial and public clients, from building shells to turn key contracts, complete reconstructions, as main contractor and real estate developer.

Since two way radio was used in Germany, it has became a standard tool for every large construction site. In the beginning mobile radios were mainly used in cars, trucks and cranes, today portables radios guarantee smooth operation and safety on site.
Riedel has been using wireless communication equipments since it became available in 1969, however the former hand portables were never really satisfying due to high cost, short battery lifetime and were not rugged enough for their demand.


Riedel Bau Schweinfurt, Germany

Market Segment


Project Time

Since 2008


TC-610 Portable Radio

Customer Demands

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    On construction sites you have different people every day. The radio must be easy to operate, rugged and comfortable to wear.
    ·Easy to operate
    ·Rugged and waterproof
    ·Enough battery capacity that does not require a battery exchange during one shift
    ·Easy to carry and operate with gloves

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    ·Few outages during operating on site
    ·Good price performance for investment, parts exchange and repair
    ·Local support by regional dealer and reasonable maintenance cost

The Solution

The TC-610 hand portable radio with IP 66 protection, its design and available accessories make differences:
·Small and light weight
·Easy to operate, even with gloves
·IP 66 waterproof protection
·Rugged housing
·Li-Ion battery with enough capacity for a reasonable price
·Local support from experienced dealer


Longer shift operating time than other available products
·Excellent price performance
·Easy to wear and tear
·Rugged housing and IP 66 protection

Besides providing equipment, the local Hytera dealer assists customer in many other aspects:
·System installation/ commissioning
·Special solutions for installation in crane
·Fast parts and accessory availability

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