Nowadays, the increasing frequency of public accidents, natural disasters and social unrest presents a great challenge to public security departments. To Public Security Department, guard for public safety and social stability, a thorough combination of the advanced communication technology with the emergency handling and dispatching systems to response quickly and effectively when emergency strikes is in urgent demands.

Fujian Public Security Department has always placed great emphasis on the rendering of informatization of emergency handling and dispatching systems, and the construction of emergency communications systems for the city and county public security bureaus throughout the province has become the key project in Informatization 2011.


Public Security Department of Fujian Province, China

Market Segment

Public Security

Project Time



TS-6800 Portable Emergency Communication System
VS-5700 Wireless Video Transmission System
RD98X Repeater

The Challenge

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    Hytera designed an emergency handling and dispatching system of communications vehicles for Fujian Public Security Department. The system is the largest emergency communications project in China with improved wireless image transmission network and unified emergency vehicles.

The Solution

The emergency handling and dispatching system includes 3 major parts:

1. Vehicle System of Emergency Communication Vehicles

The vehicle system contains 2 subsystems of wireless voice communication and video/audio communication. 76 emergency vehicles in total are deployed throughout the province.

2. 340M Wireless Image Transmission System Covering the Whole Province

The major villages and towns in the province will be covered by wireless image transmission signals. 76 wireless image transmission networks will be constructed.

3. Three-level (provincial, municipal and county) Remote Management Platform

The coordination of emergency vehicles in the three levels could be achieved by this platform.

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