The second Summer Youth Olympic Games was hold from August 16th to 28th 2014 in the city of Nanjing, China, referred as Nanjing 2014. 3787 athletes from 204 countries participated in a total of 28 sports and 222 events, which is one of the largest sports competitions with the most participating countries and regions. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, attended the Opening Ceremony. Mr. Thomas Bach, the IOC President considered this edition of Youth Olympic Games as full of innovations and perfect.

To ensure professional and efficient risk-free communication during the period of YOG as well as meet the daily needs of policing work, Nanjing Public Security Bureau decided to build DMR digital trunking system. Fourteen outdoor base stations, one mobile station, two indoor source base stations, eight repeaters and 4600 digital terminals were installed to ensure wireless coverage in all venues and main areas of Nanjing city.


Youth Olympic Games, China

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Hytera DMR Trunking Lite System

DS-6211 Trunking Base Station

PD78X Portable Radio

X1p Portable Radio

The Solution

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    Emergency disposal system

    In case of many emergency situations during the event, such as power outages, lightning, electromagnetic interference, link problems and etc, Hytera sends professional security personnel and develops a detailed emergency disposal system to effectively prevent the various aspects of the problems.

    Efficient use of channel and call priority

    Reasonable set of talking group meets the sudden traffic demand; "Call Priority” ensures some important talking groups, like command group, security group, security group, etc, can grab the channels to ensure the command smoothly delivered. 

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    As part of the modernization program, the Bureau wanted to upgrade the communication and incident recording solutions available to customs staff. It wanted to implement a body worn camera (BWC) system to provide daily recordings and real time viewing capabilities.

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    The BWC solution was needed to capture video evidence, so the footage could be used to review incidents. BOC also wanted to deploy BWCs at ports throughout the Philippine archipelago to enhance its monitoring activities.


GPS Positioning

During the YOG, location information of all the road police officers on duty, stadium security personnel and security vehicles , can be visually displayed in real time on the traffic police command center.

Stable and reliable network

During the Youth Olympic, security work is very heavy. Under such a huge traffic pressure, the system average call loss rate was 1.14% with high utilization of channel resources

Hytera digital communications solution performs perfect during the Nanjing Youth Olympic. Zerofault operation of DMR trunking system, smooth wireless dispatching, rugged and reliable system and terminal products mean Hytera is fully capable of strict requirements for wireless command and control in public security.

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