Hytera, together with its local dealers GTJ, provide the most suitable DMR solution for Japan Fukujima Thermal Power Plant. The reliable solution supported multiple dispatching features, like private call, group call, GPS positioning, short message, flexible talk grouping, which can guarantee a better communication and ensure workers' safety in emergency work.


Souba Thermal Power Plant, Fukujima, Japan

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Souba Thermal Power Plant, located in the pacific coast of northern Fukujima, is a subsidiary of Tokyo Power (values 11 billion USD) and Northeast Power (values 7 billion USD), the largest Japanese electricity company. Powered by coal, the plant is able to generate electricity up to 2 million kilowatts per year.

Due to the earthquake in northeast Japan in 2011, Fukujima Nuclear Power Plant has been shut down and the electricity supply was dramatically reduced. Therefore, the Souba Plant works in full power to ensure after-disaster rescue and rebuilding activities. The Souba Plant covers over 1.8 million square meters, including a control center, a generator room, a harbor (Pacific coast) and some other facilities.

The Challenge

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    Souba Thermal Power Plant imports much coal to generate electricity power. From unloading coal from cargo ships in harbor, monitoring operations in generator rooms, communicating in daily works to handling emergency cases, all of these need a highly reliable and efficient communication solution. So the customer requested to integrate the dispatching management of all the departments. The required solution should support multiple dispatching features, like private call, group call, GPS positioning, short message, flexible talk grouping and so on. In addition, the solution is supposed to be available for upgrade in the future.

The Solution

After detailed and specific analysis of the customer's needs, GTJ, Hytera's dealer in Japan, proposed the Hytera DMR communication solution to help the customer improve its communication efficiency and quality.

Compared with the analog system, the DMR digital communication system responds more quickly. It is convenient, and easy to realize multi-layers dispatching. Moreover, the DMR communication system allows multiple users/groups to share one radio channel, and the signal coverage is largely extended by repeaters. It is a professional communication system, by which the users can dynamically manage and control the radio channels.

Hytera and its local dealers worked together to provide the most suitable solution for Souba Thermal Power Plant after studying Japanese radio laws and regulations and testing in real environment. The DMR conventional digital repeater solution adopts TMDA technology with 2 time slots, which doubles the channel capacity to support voice communication and GPS data uploading in the same time. The system consists of a RD62X digital repeater, a DS-6500 Based Integrated Dispatching System, a MD65X digital mobile radio and 70 PD66X digital portable radios.

The Results

Hytera DMR digital communication can provide clear and high quality voice in long distance with less interference. With the same amount of frequency resources, TDMA is able to double the communication capacity. Powerful functions, such as private call, group call, are also supported.

Besides, users could experience many management features, including remote system configuration, user information management and so on. All these features would never be found in any analog communication systems.

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