Saudi Aramco Jubail Refinery Company (SASREF) is a Saudi company wholly-owned by Saudi Aramco. The refinery is located in Jubail Industrial city. Their production capacity of the refinery is 305,000 barrels per day. Hytera has developed customized solutions and customized 340-360Mhz Tetra products to customers to help customers solve the problem of short-range coverage and limited frequency resources.


Saudi Aramco Jubail Refinery Company

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Tetra DIB R5 Base Station
Tetra DWS&DVRS System
PT790Ex,MT680Plus Radio,TS-9200 BDA


Saudi Aramco Jubail Refinery Company, established in 1981, processes crude oil into petroleum products for both local and international markets. The main products are liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil and sulfur. The company now employs more than 700 employees.

They have been using PMR analog MPT1327 system in explosion-proof environment for 10 years. These system was old and needed to be replaced.

The Challenge

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    The refinery company have met many communication problems during the long-term deployment of PMR analog MPT1327 system. Firstly, the previous system had a short-range coverage, especially the indoor and remote cruise ship area coverage was poor. Secondly, the customer frequency resources were limited, and the channel utilization rate was low, which led the results that the system was always busy and users couldn't make calls. The last problem they met was that the previous system was beyond the service life, it was too old to be well operated and maintained.

The Solution

According to the requirement, Hytera has developed customized solutions to customers. On one hand, Hytera has carried out detailed simulation and test according to the customer's previous coverage blind area. Under the condition of fully utilizing the existing network facilities, a new indoor DAS system was designed to ensure the coverage. For the coverage blind area on the cruise ship, Hytera provided tetra DMO Gateway solution to solve the problem. On the other hand, in view of the limitation of 400Mhz band resources and the difficulty of obtaining them, Hytera specially customized 340-360Mhz Tetra products to customers to help customer to solve the problem.

As users' working environment contains flammable and explosion gas, Hytera provided them with Hytera PT790Ex, the first Tetra intrinsically safe radio of highest explosion-proof standard in the world which comply with the highest grade 'ia' of ATEX standard to enhance staff safety. It is also designed to comply with MILSTD 810G and IP67 Protection Rating, which can ensure the best performance even in the toughest and risky conditions.

The Results

Through fierce competition, Hytera finally won the project, and during the customer's 5-year communication product rectification tests, the system successfully passed all tests and gained customers' trust and satisfaction.

Hytera helped the refinery company with a wide-coverage and reliable communications solutions. And assisted them engaging a safe and efficient operation, incorporating the best work practices to maximize profits and minimize harm to the environment.

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