PT790Ex Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio


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PT790Ex Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio is designed to facilitate industrial workers’ tasks in the toughest environment safely and efficiently. It is the world's first “ia” “IIC” explosion-proof TETRA radio; “ia” level means the highest level of protection in Zone 0/1/2 areas and “IIC” means the highest hazard level with gases such as hydrogen. Besides versatile productivity functionalities, the radio adopts abundant ergonomic designs and workplace safety features to ensure users’ safety in sectors such as oil & gas, mining, and chemistry.

Highlights of PT790Ex

More safe work

The design of the whole machine conforms to the highest explosion-proof grade "IA" standard; Strict PCB design and high intensity electromagnetic compatibility; Innovative organosilicon sealant technology; Light metal design; Innovative design against static electricity; Patented battery lock design; Self-tapping screw structure design

More efficient communication

Multiple Positioning Services; Alarm-sounding function at reversed position; Solo working mode; Ergonomic design; User-friendly interface ; Longevity

More reliable communication

Reaching ML-STD-810G and IP67 protection grade ; Patented antenna design ; Interoperability; Enhanced voice processing technology

Specifications of PT790Ex

Frequency Range 320-380 MHz; 380-430 MHz; 405-475 MHz; 806-870 MHz
Dimensions(H×W×D) mm 144.8 mm × 55 mm × 40.7mm
Weight 515 g(with 1800 mAh standard battery and antenna)
Operating Voltage 7.4 V
Battery 1800 mAh Li-lon battery
Battery Life (TMO 5/5/90 duty cycle) >19 hours
User Interface
Display 1.8 inch,160*128 pixels,262144 colors
Talk Group-TMO 6000
Talk Group-DMO 4000
Telephone book 2000
Inbox 400
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Hytera ImageIntroducing World's Safest TETRA Radio - PT790Ex
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Introducing World's Safest TETRA Radio - PT790Ex

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