In Lowveld area of Mpumalanga and the southwestern section of the Kruger National Park, there are a few game reserves and lodges, like the famous Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve that covers an area of more than 65000 hectares. It's a wildlife oasis, where you can observe at close quarters the age-old natural relationship between the predator and the prey. Day and night safaris in open safari vehicles, led by well-trained game rangers and qualified trackers, follow the animals on and off-road, deep into the heart of the wild African Bushveld.
Communication becomes a tough challenge with the increase of reserves and visitors. More employees and radio channels are required. Managers need to contact and locate their staff members to make sure their safety, and staff members need to communicate with others in case some dangerous and urgent things happen.


Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve & other game

reserves around, South Africa

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Hytera Dispatch System

RD98X Repeater

MD78X Mobile Radio

PD78X Portable Radio

PD70X Portable Radio

The Challenge

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    The analog radios could not meet the requirement as time goes on, and the digital radio solution is a must for them. The client's needs were as follows:
    • Good communication over the entire area was important;
    • Tracking of radios was important;
    • High volume communications;
    • Emergency channel with priority for everybody to identify the user and the location;
    • Private call possibility;
    • Security of conversation;

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    As part of the modernization program, the Bureau wanted to upgrade the communication and incident recording solutions available to customs staff. It wanted to implement a body worn camera (BWC) system to provide daily recordings and real time viewing capabilities.

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    The BWC solution was needed to capture video evidence, so the footage could be used to review incidents. BOC also wanted to deploy BWCs at ports throughout the Philippine archipelago to enhance its monitoring activities.

The Solution

A digital solution was provided with repeaters of linked IP, as well as a Hytera Dispatch System. Combined networks of 22 RD98X repeaters, about 500 terminals, and 9 Hytera Dispatch Systems were provided for the game reserves.
The products supplied exceeded the customers' requirements.
• The RD98X repeaters make the whole system connected. The 2-slot feature and programmable multi-site linkage ensure communications in game reserves smooth without keeping the entire system engaged. IP connect between repeaters are easily established within the existing IP networks. This is a huge benefit in areas where environmental laws and protocol limit the installation of infrastructures. The MD78XG proves itself among the open game viewers and stays reliable because of its weather proof rating. Rain and dust does not reduce its effectiveness. With the built-in GPS, tracking the game vehicles becomes easy.
• GPS positioning function of portable radios PD78XG & PD70XG helps operators in the control room to track front-line staff's movement, which is an invaluable feature in any emergency situation. The IP 67 rating feature provides flawless communication all the time in those harsh conditions. PD78XG
is user-friendly with many user programmable features, allowing the user to perform various functions and to send or receive short data messages.
• Due to the great range of the game reserves, staff need the roaming & handover function when they drive through different areas covered by different repeaters. Hytera's equipment facilitates such features that help them to work more efficiently.
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