The Letpadaung Copper Mine is located near Salingyi township in the Sagaing region in northwestern Myanmar. The large surface mine is operated by Wanbao Mining Copper Ltd, a subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corporation (part of Norinco) and Myanmar’s Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd (UMEHL). The companies have invested $1.1 billion in the mine, which is believed to be the largest hydrometallurgical copper smelting project in Asia. In 2018, the mine’s output of cathode copper exceeded 100,000 tones for the first time, while in 2019 the cathode copper yield increased even further to 120,000 tones. The mine covers approximately 40,000 hectares.


Letpadaung Copper Mine

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DMR DS-6211 Base Station
DMR MD78X Mobile Radio 
DMR PD68X, PD70X and PD79X EX Portable Radios 
LTE iBS 3800 Integrated Base Station 
Vehicle-Mounted CPE
Outdoor CPE

The Challenge

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    It’s well known that in the Middle East Oil and Gas industry is one of the key industries among all economic source. The exploring and development of Oil and Gas have already developed into a completed industry chain and all related service and equipment require high level standard to avoid any possible personal and property loss, especially the electric equipemnt. 

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    Meanwhile as Oil and Gas Exploring is a highly integrated and complex industry asking for tight cooperation among all staff in the group, efficient communication will highly increase the productivity as well as safety. As the onshore and in shallow coastal water operator of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, ADCO requires a convenient and efficient communication solution which should meet th high explosion proof standard under the hydrocarbons environment.

Customer Demands

Considering the Challenges above, ADCO proposed the following requirements for their communication solution:

1. Meet anti-explosion requirement to protect the staff safety.

2. Realize large range coverage in case of wide range accident notification.

3. "All call" Super Priority ensures everyone will receive the signals when accidents happen.

The Solution

Considering ADCO’s high explosion proof safety standard, Hytera offers our TC-700EX FM certified intrinsically safety radio as the key equipment of their communication service. TC-700EX meets the Class I, II, III, Division 1, Group C to G, T3C standard. The intrinsically safe design of the electric board prvents the radio from igniting flammable gases or fuels and it will be extremely applicable for ADCO’s exploring environment.

Another big concern for ADCO is to protect the staff when dangerous happens. With TC-700EX multi safety assurance including mandown, lone worker and safety check, the staff and their teams can get the present state of all working staff at the first time and it will allow appropriate action to be taken without any delay which may damage the property or affect personal safety.

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