Blind Spot Coverage

It is prohibited to use non-intrinsically safe communication devices in the explosive areas of oil refineries, according to safety regulations. In such circumstances Hytera’s DMR and TETRA solutions are often adopted; our base stations optimize radio coverage and allow larger work areas to be covered by the network, and our DMR solutions can be used in explosive areas. However, these methods alone do not guarantee connection for workers in the shielded rooms. Committed to providing solutions for all requirements, Hytera have developed an enhancement solution that adopts the coupler and bi-directional amplifier (BDA) to realize overall coverage and improve signal strength in the blind spot.

Enhanced Coverage

Our solution complements the trunking private network to adequately cover the entire plant with boosted signal.

Coverage of Shielded Room

For shielded rooms located near the base station, oil and gas companies can use a coupler to split the base station signal and connect it into the anti-explosive structure of the shielded room. This provides intercommunication between the inside and outside of the shielded room.

Coverage by BDA

Hytera’s Bi- Directional Amplifier solutions can be used to improve signal strength and expand coverage in circumstances where the base station cannot be deployed in near the areas in which signal levels are degraded, such as shielded rooms. Our BDAs are available in a number of variants to suit the communication requirements.

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