Daily Communication

For oil refineries with large system capacity, good voice quality and high reliability, Hytera deploys DMR, TETRA and other wireless networks. This makes it possible for teams in various locations to effectively communicate and collaborate through voice and data in real time.

Efficient Communications

We provide a multitude of features such as individual call, group call, broadcast call, dynamic regrouping, priority management, stun, kill, and more, to meet communication needs of large refining companies.

Safe and Private Systems

As well as supporting authentication and encryption features to protect the security and privacy of your communication, Hytera’s fallback solutions prevent the total failure of a system. Capable of operating the most important functions, our fallback mechanism means you always have maximum failure protection.

Intrinsically-safe Devices

We provide a broad range of explosion-proof radios, which comply with IECEx, ATEX standards to meet the safety requirements when being used in the refinery process.

Flexible Dispatch

Support visualized dispatch to monitor the entire plant.

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