Interconnectivity and Upgrade

Oil refineries and chemical companies have complex workflows requiring 24/7. uninterrupted production. Reliable and seamless communication is crucial to allow teams to collaborate with efficiently. Traditionally, they have used telephone systems and PA systems in attempt to achieve this. In recent years, more and more oil refineries and chemical companies have turned to the digital trunking system. Thanks to its, flexibility and efficiency, it has become an indispensable means of communication. With this in mind, it has become imperative to integrate communication systems for intercommunication. Hytera’s convergence communication solution supports seamless communication and dispatch, across our different terminals and systems. This solution helps the oil refineries and chemical companies improve communication efficiency.

Seamless Communications

The flexible networking and strong adaptability features of our solution allow for interconnectivity across a variety of communication systems to provide seamless communications across networks.

Integration of Internal and External Operations

By connecting the wireless and the wired communication systems, instant communication between the control center, internal operations, and external operations can be attained. This greatly enhances dispatch capabilities and work efficiency.

Integration of PA and Radio

Our solutions interconnect wireless communication systems with PA systems, maximising communication performance between the radio and the PA terminal in a wireless manner.

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