Hytera Fusion Program
In this highly competitive field of private network communication, new technologies update even faster, choosing a supplier with well-developed R&D capability and high level of automated production therefore is important. We will provide you with professional channel management experience to increase your sales and revenue. Our Fusion Program will make our partners succeed by focusing on the following areas.
We provide guidance of channel development marketing pre-sales and after-sales as well as the resources supports and services relating to the deals.
We empower you with sales resources and digital marketing tools needed so that you are able to identify sales opportunities in the market, acquire new customers, build a stable customer relationship, and explore new industries and opportunities.
We provide the leading customized and complete professional communications solutions to increase customers’ situational awareness, collaboration and response rate. We help our customers to improve their organizational efficiency and make the world safer.
The Fusion Program will reward you with different authorization based on your contributions to Hytera. In return, you will have access to more incentive plans and marketing support.

Cooperation Direction

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    HyTalk Solution

    HyTalk series product solutions can provide audio and video intercom, command and dispatch, multimedia data, positioning, whole network recording and broadcasting services. For different standards & users According to requirements, Hytera HyTalk is divided into three categories: Hytera HyTalk, Hytera HyTalk Pro, and Hytera HyTalk MC cover most business scenarios in the POC market.


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