UNM5800M Unified Network Management System


5G-LTE | Unified Management System

Hytera UNM5800M realizes the network management system for 4G & 5G convergence. It provides configuration, alarm, performance, security, log, software and other management functions for access network equipment and core network equipment.

Specifications of UNM5800M

Quantity of Manageable NEs Base stations ≤1,500
Alarm Handling Capacity 30/s, for 1 hour
Alarm Processing Response Time <5s
Request Response Time ≤3s
Max. Real-time Performance Data Storage Period 30 days
Max. Non-real Time Performance Data Storage Period 180 days
Number of Stored Current Alarms 20,000
Number of Stored History Alarms 50,000
Max. History Alarm Storage Period 90 days
Max. Operation Log Storage Period 180 days
Availability 99.992%
System Boot Time <10 minutes
MTBF 6,480 hours
MTTR 0.5 hour
Active/Standby Switch Time ≤5 minutes
Network Bandwidth
Bandwidth between Browser and Server 10 Mbps for 5 online users, 2Mbps for each additional online user
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