IBS3900P 4G Pico-cell One-Box


5G-LTE | One-box Base Station

IBS3900P is the enterprise-class intelligent 4G Pico-Cell eNB for indoor coverage, which provides LTE wireless access to terminals for voice and data services. It is a plug-and-play solution with SON function on a high-performance SoC platform.

Highlights of IBS3900P

High integration

Baseband and RF integrated design, highly integrated.

Slim and modern design

A slim & modern design. The humanized indicator light is convenient for observing the equipment status.

High data rate

Support the 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz, 20MHz working bandwidth.

PnP easy to installation and maintain

Support convenient networking, plug and play, and flexible deployment.

High capability

Achieve precise coverage and quickly increase the capacity of the existing network.

High extensibility

Support an external high-gain antenna according to different usage scenarios.

Specifications of IBS3900P

Frequency B1/B3 (customized for other bands)
Peak throughput DL 200Mbps (256QAM); UL 75Mbps (64QAM)
Maximum users VoLTE user: 32; RRC active user: 64; RRC connective user: 96
RF power 2×(150 ~ 200mW)
Volume 220mm*220mm*39mm
Weight 0.65kg
Power supply 220V AC to 12V DC power adapter
Consumption <15W
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