BL1507 Li-ion Battery Pack



The battery packs are used in handheld devices in Hytera series handheld devices. It should coordinate with device, waterproof dust‐proof of IP54, battery pack spec for 1500mAh, complying with RoHS and REACH requirements.

Specifications of BL1507

Minimum Battery Capacity 1500mAh
Nominal Voltage 7.2V
Dimensions(H×W×D) mm 112.80*51.33*13.29mm
Weight 83g
Operating Temperature 10℃ to 45℃(charge) –20℃ to 60℃(discharge)
Storage Temperature –20℃ to 50℃ (for one month) –20℃ to 40℃ (for three months) –20℃ to 20℃ (for one year)
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