DEM Digital Evidence Management Platform


Digital Evidence Management (DEM) is a management system designed to collect, store, query, and analyze the digital evidence such as videos, audios, and photos from integrated docking stations (IDSs), body worn cameras (BWCs), or other terminals. Adopting a microservice architecture, the DEM supports local deployment and cloud-based deployment. Providing rich services such as evidence management, map-based evidence, evidence tags, and data analysis, the DEM is widely used in areas including public safety, judiciary, emergency, firefighting, transportation, and energy.

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Manage ever-growing digital evidence effortlessly

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    Data Security

    Keep the evidence intact from field to court, thanks to the AES-256 encryption algorithm and digital signature verification technology.

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    Recognize, track, and blur the face or license plates on the AI-based video redaction application. Moreover, you can redact audio or other personal details with ease.

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    Trails Record every evidence-related operation to ensure the chain of custody and evidence integrity.

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    Linkage Create a case and link related evidence to the case, enhancing your work efficiency.

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    Quick Search

    Search by officer ID, recording location, metadata information, or tags to find the evidence quickly.

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    Easy Sharing

    Share the evidence with external agencies by email, helping keep them in the know for better collaboration.

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    Monitor the quantity, size, and length of user evidence, group evidence, and agency evidence as well as quantity, downloads, and shares of user cases and agency cases.

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    User Permission

    Control Set user and function-based permissions to control who can access the evidence for privacy.

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    Log Management

    Record details of all activities on the DEM like login, logout, creation, deletion, and more. The logs cannot be deleted without permission.

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    Tags Add a tag to the evidence for classification. Set evidence retention time in batches, just by assigning the retention time to the tag.

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