HM68X Professional DMR Mobile Two-way Radio


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It is the new generation entry-level professional DMR mobile two-way radio designed to provide reliable voice and data communication in the vehicle anytime. Compact and lightweight, the radio is easy to install. With the ergonomic design, the four piano-style buttons make operations effortless. The AI-based noise cancellation ensures the radio to deliver superb clear audio without ambient noise. The radio is born to be your best partner in transportation, business, utilities, and more.

Highlights of HM68X

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Smoother Communication

Thanks to the high RX sensitivity, the HM68X can deliver clear and dependable communications even in areas where the signal is unstable or weak.
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Digital and Analog Compatibility

The HM68X can operate in either analog or digital mode, which is the ideal solution for you to migrate from analog to digital with minimal disruption and investment.
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Innovative Design

Compact and lightweight, the HM6 Series is easy to install, remove, or operate in the vehicle. The front panel adopts two-shot molding to make the operation more recognizable. The transflective display is readable even in the dark or direct sunlight. At the bottom of the display, the four piano-style keys offer great haptic feedback when pressed.
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Wireless Connection

With the built-in BT 5.0 module, the HM6 Series can work with the BT audio accessories to boost your safety and productivity during in-vehicle communications. And these radios can be programmed through BT, saving time and resource.
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Crystal-clear Audio

The HM68X delivers superb audio in noisy streets or highways. The AI-based noise cancellation filters out echoes and background noises such as horn and engine sounds, making you hear and be heard in the conversation. The howling suppression prevents the screeching or howling feedback between two radios in the same vehicle, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication on the move.
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Unrivaled Versatility

In addition to reliable voice calls, the HM6 Series provides various data services including text message, clarity transmission, emergency alarm, radio enable/disable, GPS location, and more. These services dramatically enhance your safety and productivity.
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Superior Durability

The HM68X withstands harsh temperatures, shock, and vibration, and meets MIL-STD-810H standards, and IP54 for dust and water intrusion. The connection between the palm microphone and 10pin aviation connector keep very tight and is difficult to loosen. The drawstring of the palm microphone has the excellent stretching ability to protect the palm microphone to get the maximum service life.

Specifications of HM68X

Frequency Range UHF: 400~470MHz 450-527MHz VHF: 136~174MHz
Channel Capacity 512
Zone Capacity 16
Operating Voltage 13.6V±15% DC
Current Drain(Standby) <0.5A
Current Drain(transmit) <2.0A
Current Drain(receive) 5W: <4A;25W:<8A; 45W:<12A
Dimensions(H×W×D) mm 164 x 159 x 42mm
Weight 1150g
Display 1.45 inch, 4Line
Operating Temperature -30℃ to +60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Dust & Water Protection IP54
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