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The Hytera TETRA network management system (NMS) adopts distributed multi-client and multi-server architecture. With the comprehensive database as the core, this NMS realizes the reliable storage and powerful analysis of network management data. It has high robustness and deployment flexibility, and can be customized according to the scale of the network and various requirements. The NMS client complies with ITU M.3010 standard and is divided by standard FCAPS network management mode.

    Highlights of NMS

    Configuration Management

    Friendly graphical interface, what you see is what you get Centralized management, remote upgrade, easy to operate File-based data distribution is stable and reliable

    Fault Management

    Reliable operation data acquisition Tree graphics display for clear viewReal time response, detailed fault description, and accurate positioning Powerful report query function Can be integrated into central network management

    Security Management

    Fully and effectively prevent unauthorized access thanks to Microsoft Active Directory technology and Smartcard Trace the changes of the subscriber data Provide terminal security management based on hardware or number Local key management
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