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The IP Node (IPN) is the switch center in Hytera TETRA network, apart from the Switching Controller Function(SCF). The IP Node consists of standard 19-inch cabinet, carrier-class server, and other supporting hardware. The characteristics of pure software architecture and modular design endow the IPN with excellent performance. The system features powerful functions, stable and reliable operation, good scalability, and can be flexibly configured according to the network scale.

Highlights of IPN

Excellent Performance

The soft switch running on carrier-class hardware platform has strong performance and high reliability.

Flexible Deployment

Modular switch server has the characteristics of flexible configuration and strong scalability

Safe and Reliable

The application program interface and gateway interface based on IP are simple in design and rich in functions. Remote redundant backup greatly improves the ability to cope with natural disasters. Dual link transmission backup ensures seamless handover
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