E-pole200 Dual-channel DMR Ad-hoc Repeater


Repeater System

Hytera E-pole200 is a DMR ad-hoc dual-channel repeater, which is designed to bring an innovative networking solution for safe and reliable communications in the urban area, wildland, forest, and other places with the absence of network infrastructure.The repeater adopts wireless interconnection technology to quickly create multi-hop narrowband networks through cascading connection, free of any IP link such as fiber optic and microwave. The repeater can repeat voice services on dual channels at the same time. Moreover, the repeater is flexible to be mounted on the pole or the wall.

Highlights of E-pole200

Automatic networking

Up to 31 repeaters can interconnect with each other automatically without any IP link such as fiber optic and microwave. In this peer-to-peer network, the loss of one or more repeaters does not affect the network operation.

Flexible installation

The all-weather repeater can be mounted on the pole (such as a lamp-post) or the wall (such as a building wall), without relying on pre-existing infrastructure such as an equipment room.

High compatibility

The repeater is compatible with Hytera or third-party DMR Tier 2 radios, as well as Hytera first-generation ad-hoc products.

Various power supplies

The repeater can be powered by the battery, solar energy, or trunking base station (–48 V), meeting various scenarios.

LTE link for remote dispatch

The repeater can access the command and dispatch system through the public LTE network, not limited to the distance.

Extended communications range

The repeater at high altitude can transmit more than 50 km thanks to the 10-watt transmitting power. With the SIM card installed, the repeater can create networks at longer distances and communicate with the mobile phone.
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