iMesh-3800V iMesh Vehicle Device


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The iMesh-3800V vehicle node features fast deployment, flexible networking, and easy operation. The iMesh-3800V is typically mounted on the pole to provide critical transmission links for long-distance and large-capacity communication. Moreover, the device supports portable, vehicle-mounted, ship-mounted, and even drone-mounted deployment for flexible and mobile networking.

Highlights of iMesh-3800V

High Throughout

The transmission rate up to 60Mbps

High RF Performance

Sensitivity up to -105dBm @ 10 MHz

Rich Interfaces

Support GE (O/E), GNSS, AISG,WLAN interface

Flexible Deployment

Support Pole-mounted ,wall-mounted or vehicle-mounted installation

Compact and Portable

Less than 7Kg, the node can be easily carried by one person

Rugged and Durable

IP67 certified.


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