Mission-critical voice is the most crucial need of PMR users, and yet their demands on multimedia services, quick access to key data and mobile office are gradually increasing. High-speed data transmission and hybrid multimedia are of great help to make a well-informed decision and to know what to expect.

Hytera equips the dual-mode rugged radios with various functions, including mission-critical voice, HD photo capture and video shooting, broadband voice services, etc., enabling the users to carry out multiple missions simultaneously and increasing the efficiency of critical communications.

What Are The Key Features?

All-in-one Device

Combines a narrowband radio and a smartphone into a single device. No need to carry two separate handsets for accessing voice, data, video, and more.

Live Streaming

Dual HD cameras allow you to capture on-site pictures and videos, then send videos to another radio or command center in real-time, dramatically improving situational awareness. Support the external camera.

Broadband-Narrowband Convergence

Automatically connect to the narrowband system over the broadband network to implement the communication with a narrowband radio to ensure reliable communications at all times.

Rugged Radio with Clear Audio

Up to IP68(2m, 4 hours) and ESD IEC Level 4, withstand up to a 1.5-meter drop from all angles and survive harsh environments. Use the enlarged front chamber technology and professional acoustic design.

Smart Management

You can remotely manage radios in batches, including upgrade, programming, permission control, key configuration, app management, device health management, and data backup and recovery.

Professional MCS Radio

Compliant with 3GPP MCS, the PDM680 delivers MCPTT, MCVideo, and MCData services to ensure mission critical communications for public safety. PDM680 is equipped with a native Hytera HyTalk MC app, a 3GPP-compliant MCX solution.

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    A handset to grab and go - in the pocket, on your belt, always with you.

Application Scenarios

Case Studies

  • video-poster

    Hytera Dual-mode Radios Provide the Vital Link for Taiwan's Smart Clothing Industry

    Hytera Dual-mode Rugged radios have provided the Taiwan Textile Research Institute with a way to transmit data from physiological bio-sensors embedded in outdoor clothing, thereby opening up new markets for Taiwan's textile industry.
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    Hytera Secured CICA 2019 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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    Hytera Converged LTE-TETRA Solutions Aid Russian Oil and Gas Giant

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    Safety and Security Assured at APEC 2018

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  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Hytera Dual-mode Rugged Radio PDC680 Introduction Video


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Hytera Rugged MCS Radio PDM680 Product Video


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio with RoIP solution


  • Hytera Image
    Hytera Image

    Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio Mechanical Test


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