PDM680 Rugged MCS Radio


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The PDM680 rugged MCS radio is designed to help first responders stay connected and informed anywhere and anytime in critical situations. As a professional rugged radio, the PDM680 delivers reliable mission-critical voice communications, and mission-critical video and data services for those working in the most challenging conditions. In addition to the "on-network" operation, the PDM680 supports D2D communications that allow the first responders to communicate without relying on the LTE network.

Highlights of PDM680

Professional MCS Radio

Compliant with 3GPP MCS, the radio delivers MCPTT, MCVideo, and MCData services to ensure mission critical communications for public safety. PDM680 is equipped with a native Hytera HyTalk MC app-a 3GPP-compliant MCS solution.

D2D Communication

Built with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology, the PDM680 can provide D2D communications where LTE connectivity is unavailable. Moreover, the PDM680 features MCS-DMR Simulcall to call both MCS devices and DMR radios at the same time.

Rugged and Durable

The streamlined and intuitive user interface enables quick access to critical information. The radio's IP68 rating means it can handle dust and drops of up to 1.5 meters without a case, and its MIL-STD 810H certification makes it reliable in extreme environments.

Best-in-Class Audio Quality

The PDM680 audio can reach a maximum SPL of 118 dB. Even at 30 cm away from the sound source, the loudness level is as high as 98 dBPhon. Moreover, AI-based noise cancellation technologies minimize the background noise and boost the audio clarity.

Powered by Android

With GMS certified Android platform, the PDM680 is compatible with various third-party applications to enhance productivity. PDM680 is equipped with a 13-Pin connector and USB Type-C port for reliable connection and charging. Support WLAN, BT, and NFC.

All-round Security Assurance

Signature authentication ensures system security. All data at rest is full-disk encrypted, while E2EE protects the data and voice in transit. The industry-leading remote management puts the radio in complete control.
PDM680 Rugged MCS Radio

4.5 cm long, more convenient to carry

Dual Cameras

Rear 16 MP, front 8 MP

Dual Screens

Tilt top screen, HD main screen

USB Type-C Port

2 Programmable Keys

Large PTT Key

3 Programmable Keys

Smart Knob


Smart Key

Function varies from missions


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Hytera Rugged MCS Radio PDM680 Product Video

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