What is Smart Radio?

Telecom providers around the world are investing heavily in 5G technology, and there is no doubt that 5G technology is a revolutionary change in the field of wireless communication, which can connect everyone and everything to the Internet.
Everything is getting smarter, and so are two-way radios. Smart radios can be used for critical voice communication like two-way radios, and also can be used for multimedia services and quick access to key data and mobile offices through a broadband network.
Why use Smart Radios?

Why use Smart Radios?

Mission-critical voice is the most critical requirement of PMR users, and mission-critical voice is also developing towards broadband. PMR users' demands for multimedia services, fast access to key data and mobile offices are also gradually increasing. Many customers in the public safety industry and other industries already use broadband equipment for non-critical purposes, but everyone has been looking forward to how to achieve mission-critical broadband communications.
What Problems Can the Industry Encounter?

What Problems Can the Industry Encounter?

In some industries, everyone's private life and work are realized on smart devices (smartphones, other smart terminals). However, in the field of mission-critical, it is unrealistic to simply replace traditional radios with smart devices, people need to carry equipment such as smart terminals and traditional radios when working, which not only increases the burden on staff but also brings a lot of inconvenience to work communication.
How do Smart Radios Solve the Problem?

How do Smart Radios Solve the Problem?

Yes, Smart Radios can perfectly solve this problem. It can not only complete mission-critical voice like traditional digital two-way radios or even analog walkie-talkies, but also complete multimedia services with the help of LTE/4G/5G networks, and the networks can also communicate with each other and achieve unified management.
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What are the Benefits of Smart Radios?

Smart Radios make a huge difference in critical communications, where voice is no longer everything, and more functions.

  • All-in-one


    No need to bring two or more devices to complete trunking functions such as private call, group call, all call, priority Interrupt, as well as broadband functions such as data, video, workflow, etc.

  • Strong Push-To-X

    Strong Push-To-X

    Unlike narrowband Push-To-Talk (PTT), which can only transmit voice, Dual-mode Rugged Radio's strong Push-To-X can share video, text, and other services at the touch of a button.

  • Smooth Upgrade

    Smooth Upgrade

    Smart Radios support both narrowband and broadband networks, and communication between the two networks can be realized. This is extremely cost-effective for users to revitalize their up-front investments in narrowband to upgrade to broadband networks.

  • Seamless Coverage

    Seamless Coverage

    The deployment of narrowband and broadband networks is limited, and blind spots may exist in any network coverage. But smart radios, which support both networks, can automatically switch between networks for seamless coverage.

  • Comprehensive Security Guarantee

    Comprehensive Security Guarantee

    Signature authentication ensures the security of the system. All static data is full-disk encrypted, while End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) protects data and voice in transit. And supports remote management, giving the radio full control.

  • Multitasking


    The smart radios usually have a large screen on which you can perform a variety of work tasks at the same time via the multitasking feature.

Types of Hytera Smart Radios

With the rapid development of broadband technology and the commitment to more mission-critical communications applications, As the world's leading provider of professional communications equipment and solutions, Hytera provides fast, easy-to-use terminals for a wide variety of networks.
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