Value Proposition

Communications Security Service

Keep stable network operation and secure communications

Communications Security Service

Ensure smooth dispatching and commanding services

Key Benefits

Requirements assessment and research

Requirements assessment and research
Get information about the network including size, type, service life, and more. Assess communications security risks, cost budgets, and resource requirements

Communications security plans

Communications security plans and plan walkthrough
Formulate communication security plan and allocate communication security resources according to the evaluation results and customer’s needs. Conduct communications exercise on resource allocation, system operating load, stability, and problem-solving timeliness

Service implementation and monitoring
Supervise and control the implementation of various communications security work. Monitor the system operation, report the real-time statistics, and dispatch on-site manpower and materials. Resolve the urgent problem timely and effectively

Communication Security Service

Service quality assessment 

Report the problems and the safety hazards eliminated during communication security. Provide the evaluation reports on system operating load, stability, and troubleshooting timeliness. Propose improvement suggestions for network optimization

Our Advantages


Have a team of experts to ensure communication security implementation


Have successful experience in communication security services for dozens of international major events


Provide customized communications security solutions based on customer events and network status

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