Multi-mode Advanced Radio

Mission-critical voice is the most crucial need of PMR users,
and yet their demands on multimedia services,
quick access to key data and mobile office are gradually increasing.
Obviously high-speed data transmission and hybrid multimedia are of great help to make well-informed
decision and to know what to expect.

Combining a mission-critical radio and a smartphone into a single device,
the multi-mode advanced radios are completely Android and PMR functional to provide diverse features including mission-critical voice,
HD photo capture and video shooting, broadband voice services, etc.,
enabling the users to carry out multiple missions simultaneously and increasing the efficiency of critical communications.


Introducing Hytera Latest Multi-mode Advanced Radio PTC680

How Hytera PTC680 Works in Mission Critical Scenario

Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio PDC760 /PTC760

Hytera LTE-PMR Convergence Solution

Case Studies

Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radios Escort the Red Eagle Motorcycle
Squad of Shaoyang Traffic Police Detachment

By combining the radio, the system, and the accessory,
Hytera smart communications solution supports Shaoyang traffic police detachment in fulfilling tasks efficiently,
integrating mobile policing resource, and constructing a modern work platform.

Case Studies

Hytera Multimode Advanced Radio Supporting the Operation of Changsha
Huanghua International Airport

With fully use of the 400 MHz digital trunking system and multi-mode advanced radios,
the communication between different departments of the airport is smoother and the dispatching is more accurate.
As of September 2018, the flight on-time rate of Changsha Huanghua International Airport has remained above 80% for 14 consecutive months, ranking first in the central and southern region of China for 11 consecutive months.

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