Ras Al Khair Plantof Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest of its kind in the world - a combined power and desalination plant converting more than 1 billion liters of seawater into potable water each day, capable of serving approximately 3.5 million people in the city of Riyadh, one of the world's fastest-growing and most water-stressed cities.


 Ras Al Khair Plantof Saline Water
Conversion Corp., KSA

Market Segment

 Water Conversion

Project Time



 Hytera ACCESSNET-T IP System
(DIB-R5 Base Station, NMS, DVRS, DWS)
Hytera PT790Ex Portable Radio
Hytera MT680 Plus Mobile Radio


Besides water, it also produces 2 400 MW of electricity for the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The plant is located in the Ras Al Khair Industrial City, 75km north-west of Jubail.

The Challenge

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    Limited frequencies

    The spectrum resources for TETRA system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite limited as the government plans to allocate the 380Mhz to 430Mhz frequencies bands to Public Security & Safety departments. When SWCC applied for the frequencies for their TETRA system to Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), they only got frequencies around 340Mhz among which no TETRA vendors had products in that band. 

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    Special government requirements

    High Commission of Industrial Security (HCIS, part of Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) has special requirements for the communication system for all the industrial projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, part of which are:

    1. All portable radios must be intrinsically safe (for hazardous environment inside the factory);

    2. All the voices calls must be recorded and kept for at least 12 months;

    3. The system should be highly reliable with redundant design.

The Solution

After careful study of the customer's demand, Hytera offered tailored solution for SWCC Ras Al Khair plant including Hytera ACCESSNET-T IP TETRA system which features:

1. Low band frequency between 320-380MHz, which is lower than the usual 380-430Mhz, a special requirement from the customer;

2. The world's first "ia" level ATEX TETRA portable radio Hytera PT790Ex which compiles with the highest intrinsically safe standard for all hazardous environment with noise-cancelling technology to guarantee crystal clear voice in noisy environment as well as other safety features like man-down and GPS to further enhance the users safety; 

3. Visualized dispatching system with AVL function and voice recording system for truth recovery;

4. High reliability that fully complies with the requirement of HCIS which includes redundancy and hot-backup design for main components of the system.

The Results

The Hytera PT790Ex works perfectly fine in the noisy environment inside the factory while providing the highest level of safe protection. The redundancy design not only guards against faults, but also allows software upgrades to be performed on-line, thus improving planned as well as unplanned down-time, providing instant and reliable communication all the time.

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