Managing communications across a stadium requires a great deal of consideration. The radios have to be robust and easy to use, yet also comfortable for wearing throughout the day. The transmission quality has to be excellent, with high crowd noise levels and concrete to pass through from one end of the stadium to another.

As part of a review of all contracts, Stadium Manager Ruth Steenson of the AJ Bell stadium in Salford initiated a review of the AJ Bell Stadium's communications system. The stadium was using other system with radios that were deemed too heavy. She contacted her radio provider, Pennine Telecom, who recommended installing a Hytera DMR radio system.


 Salford's AJ Bell Stadium, UK

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 PD70X Portable Radio

The Challenge

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    The AJ Bell stadium required a system that would work across the whole stadium. With regular packed-out games, noise-cancellation was high on the agenda, but equally, with a lot of concrete, the system had to be strong and transmission quality had to be high, even out in the car parks. The radios would be used throughout the week when the stadium is used for conferences, but above all the radios had to be robust, fit for use every day of the week, and easy to carry around. 

    Most importantly, with constant use of an earpiece, they had to be comfortable. Users are wearing earpieces for 8 hours a day, which was an issue with the previous radios. The stadium has several teams, each of whom would require a dedicated channel. This includes the stadium company, the caterers, the car park and G4S who manage security. All communications would go through a central control.

The Solution

In addition to Hytera's sponsorship of the Salford Red Devils Rugby Club, a Hytera Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) communications system has been rolled out at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford, providing PD70X radios for over 70 members of staff.

The 3-yr managed service provided by Pennine was noticeably more cost-efficient than the existing long term hire solution. The radios were equally lighter and more comfortable to wear, and the feedback from staff has been that the radios provide excellent transmission quality wherever they are in the stadium.

Users have commented that the buttons on the radio make it easy to use even when the radio is attached to the back of their belt and the earpiece is comfortable enough for users not to notice it, even after 8 hours' of use.The roll-out by Pennine Telecom was seamless, with the Hytera radios coming into use quickly with minimal disruption to the business.

Key Features of Hytera Solution

· Significantly lighter than Motorola equivalent, while maintaining robustness

· Multi-channel
· Tier II DMR

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