In 2018, Hytera helped Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Nanshan Branch deploy a new generation of command and control center to meet the requirements of daily incident handling, anti-terrorists, major event security and emergency response. The Nanshan Police Bureau command and control center is now the pioneer of 3rd generation command center in China's public security agencies.


Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Nanshan Branch

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    Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Nanshan Branch is responsible for public safety, anti-terrorism and the stability maintenance. It also forms a key part of the city's emergency rescue services in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen city, the wealthiest district of Shenzhen, one of 4 tier-1 cities in China as well as the high-tech hub.

The Challenge

· With the rapid development of the district comes the soaring population, especially floating population.

· Major storms and typhoons each year make the sea-bordering district vulnerable.

· Several tourist attractions and major events held in the district involve a large number of people.

· The previous communication and information system of the command center was decade-old and lack of unified communication across departments, large data processing and intelligence.

Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Nanshan Branch was eager to improve their system and solve the problem that the decade-old system could not meet the requirements of rapid growing population and increasingly complex situation.


The Solution

Hytera planned, designed, and helped to build and deploy a full-scale, new generation command center, also the pioneer of 3rd generation command center in China's public security agencies, for Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Nanshan Branch.

The command center has a total construction area of around 7,876 square meters, with a height of around 20 meters (5 floors). It comprises a news reception room, an integrated combat room, an intelligence center, a data center, and a brand-new command hall. The command hall features a huge 4K laser projection screen, the first of its kind in China's Public Security command centers, and offers 20 seats, including alarm call-taking &handling, video AR-based dispatch, non-police agency coordination, public sentiment monitoring, assistant commander and director seats.

The Hytera's proprietary Multimedia Unified Communication (MUC) platform deployed in the command center enables seamless communication and coordination across Shenzhen Public Security bureau, Nanshan branch, and subordinate police stations. Based on it, the command center combines major incident processing, non-police incident processing, integrated command and intelligence analysis & assessment systems, to achieve the unification of “Prevention-Intelligence-Command” in daily public security, major event security and disaster preparedness and response, building a flat, end-to-end command system.

Several premieres of the latest technologies in China's public security agencies took place in the new command center. Among them there is the first usage of video AR-based dispatch for some key infrastructures/campuses, in which the key items, including security forces are automatically identified and labeled in the video captured by advanced HD PTZ-able dome cameras and displayed on the dispatch console, to provide more intelligence information and facilitate decision making.

Another brilliant one is the usage of Hytera's proprietary, industry-leading Major Event Security System (MESS), which is the first end-to-end system for major events in the industry, such as sports event, celebrations, as well as disaster preparedness and response. It provides access to waterimmersion sensors and inclination sensors in the district via Internet of things (IoT) gateways to offer vital data for pre-warning, alarming and rescuing in cases of typhoon, storm and landslide.


The Results

The new command center elevates the capacity of resources accessed, streamlines coordination and cooperation across police agencies and non-police agencies, enriches intelligence data collected, and facilitate decision making via artificial intelligence, big data analysis and augmented reality.

Since its completion in middle 2018, the Nanshan branch has used it to successfully implement disaster preparedness and response for the super typhoon “Mangosteen”, and security protection of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in the district, the half marathon held by the Nanshan District and the full marathon held by Shenzhen City.

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