Blind Spot Coverage

Oil and gas pipelines often stretch for hundreds of miles in challenging, geographical terrains. The absence of network infrastructure in such environments often results in blind spots. By using self-organized networks, or Hytera equipment such as miniaturized base stations and portable repeaters, workers in the pipelines can quickly and efficiently establish temporary communication networks. The network equipment can be also deployed in emergency communication vehicles and transported to specific locations for operations. This network can be simultaneously connect with the existing private networks oil and gas companies use to achieve communication and dispatch in real time.

Fast Deployment

Support rapid deployment and automatic networking through portable devices.

Multiple Services

Our devices support voice, video, and positioning services allowing users to track personnel and vehicles. Using 4G networks or satellite, users can upload the real-time video from the field to the control center safeguarding situations in case of emergencies.

Mesh Networking

Our devices support mesh network topology, efficiently routing data allowing for cooperation between teams. The features of mesh network allow for self-organization, self-adaptation, and self-healing to eliminate blind spots in remote locations or harsh environmental conditions.

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