Hytera PoC solution

Hytera offers a one-stop PoC solution consisting of PoC radios, mobile applications, and dispatch and management platforms. This solution delivers versatile services including instantaneous one-to-one and one-to-many Push-To-Talk, full-duplex voice and video calls, map-based dispatch, and instant messaging over public networks. Applicable to various scenarios, it features low cost, high security, easy deployment, and enhanced reliability. With standard API interfaces, Hytera PoC radio is open to third-party applications and platforms for customization.

Why Poc


Smart PoC Radio

DMR conventional+ LTE mode 2.5w speaker, loud and clear voice quality

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Smart PoC Radio

5-inch multi-touch display, easy to use.13M HD camera, record the scene clearly

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PoC Radio

Stay connected over 2G/3G/4G/WLAN networks Instant group voice and video calls

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PoC Radio

National coverage over 3G/4G/WLAN networks. Simple and compact design, one-hand operation

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Hytera HyTalk

Communication Solution over Public Network

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Hytera HyTalk MC

3GPP Broadband Trunking Solution

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Hytera HyTalk Pro

Covergence Solution

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[Video] Introducing Full Series of Hytera PoC Radios


[Video] Hytera PoC Radio PNC380 First Look


[Video] Hytera HyTalk Solution


[Video] A Journey of Exploration the Popular PoC Radio


[Video] Introducing Hytera PoC Device PNC550


[Video] Hytera PNC370 Unboxing Video

[Graphic] PoC Radio VS Smartphone

[Graphic] Hello, Hytera PoC Radio PNC380 is coming

[Graphic] Introducing Hytera PoC Radio PNC370

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About the trial

Trial period

90 days (From the date of trial)

Time of application



All customers

Application restrictions

Max 6 trial accounts can be applied by 1 non-Hytera terminal user
Unlimited accounts for Hytera terminals
Limited places, first come first served

How to apply

Complete the application form, Hytera will contact you to create trial accounts for you
①Hytera terminals (PNC370, PNC380, PNC550, PDC550, PTC680, PTC760, VM780)
②Android cellphone (Android 5.1 and above, recommended screen size 4.0、4.7、5.0、5.5、6.3 inches)

After the trial

Trial users can decide whether to purchase the app license for continuous working
If you decide to purchase the app license, please send emails to marketing@hytera.com, and our sales will contact you.
You can stop the trial, and uninstall the app, install and use other apps at any time during this trial activity.

Other statements

A limited quota for trial accounts will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
After successful application, trial accounts that have not been tried within 7 days will be withdrawn and new trial places will be released.
The final interpretation right belongs to Hytera

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